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Grow Global Podcast

Grow Global Podcast focuses on local and global educational topics to help inspire and empower educators and students about social and emotional learning. We live in a global society where we are easily connected with people worldwide. Our students must be able to adapt to changing perspectives.


Grow Global addresses students' understanding of other people and cultures across all grade levels and disciplines to help them develop better working relationships when they are ready to enter the workforce.

Grow Global will address the need to provide global education to the underserved youth in our area. The need for global youth education is on going, and our show will continue to grow and evolve to address topics that arise from day today. We will cover various topics to help youth adapt and address questions around student barriers within the classroom and community.


Youth learning global education, will have more opportunities in the corporate world, and our podcast will discuss issues that will prepare young students for success beyond high school. When students have goals, they are more likely to be open to more opportunities that enhance their purpose and drive to do well in the world.

The show would like to focus on Expat American in other countries. It seeks to highlight the lives of Americans who have experience living in a foreign country, helping audiences discover the culture, history and everyday life through the lens of fellow Americans living abroad.   

Patricia Demetriou, as the host of the podcast, has done only 8 episodes, it is verified on Apple Podcasts. It currently has 614 downloads but is growing. We are trying to grow the podcast to provide information for students that participate in LifeSmart Education's program, which the host is the CEO/Founder of (


The show wants to help young people see their world differently and part of that is learning about living abroad, so it is an educational-based podcast to help underserved youth discover the many possibilities around living abroad. 

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