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My world of working as an actor in the midwest and around the world.

Anyone who knows me knows the obvious truth about me and animals. I AM NOT AN ANIMAL PERSON! Don't get me wrong, I wish I was but I never grew up around animals. I mean, my mom did try the pet dog thing when my sister and I were young but it did not go well. As a matter of fact, I think between the dog and the rest of my family, we were all scared of each other. It was a disaster of a family trying to have a dog as a pet. I felt so sorry for the dog. Anyway, this is my background about having a dog, can you imagine me trying to do an acting job with a dog? I won't even go into my cat phobia. If I had to do an acting job with a cat, I would have left the set....sorry but I simply can't do cats.

So here I unsuspecting day I was hired to do a commercial, oh and did I mention that I didn't even know that I was going to be working with a dog. I show up to do the scene and I am told that I will be working alongside the dog and her trainer. I am so grateful that I had to opportunity to work with the dog Lucy as my first animal acting job experience. She was so easy to work with and the fact that she was an older dog really did help...her mellowness helped me to ease into the working relationship.  Here I am in the picture with Lucy....isn't she adorable. I had no idea that I would later be feeding her from my hand to get her to look the right way while doing our scene together. I have found that when I need to step up to overcome my insecurities for the sake of getting the shot, I'll do things that I never thought I could do.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Lucy, she was the best dog to have someone like me work with. Now that I think about, I had to work with a smaller dog years ago when I lived in Florida, however, that dog working relationship was not a close, close...hand to mouth kind of job. I guess I have more experience than I thought I had. The just tells me the years have really gone by and I have experienced more about life than I can even remember.

The other perk of this job was the house we shot in. Wow!! It was amazing, and it really gave you something to dream about. I've included some of the pictures of the house. I could only think about how much this same house would cost in Los Angeles or New York. You can really get a lot of house for your money in Ohio. Showing up to do a days work in a house like this was fabulous and gave me perspective about how some people in life live.

Luxury living at its finest

I want to cook in this kitchen

With my pretend husband and salesman

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